Stop skipping self care

Stop being busy. Stop hustling constantly. Stop skipping self-care. Start using your time intentionally. Hustle when you need to. Take care of yourself. As mom it is so easy to skip self-care because we spend so much time serving others. As a real estate agent I serve clients all day long then I come home … More

The month of LOVE

As we are officially into February, the month of love, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been loving lately. •At the top of my list is shopping and dining small business; you know the ones where the staff knows you by name, is happy to see you, and genuinely appreciates your business. Those … More

I thought it was a lie…

I thought the results people were having from using Monat were a lie. I thought these were people not showing their real before pictures. I thought there were plenty of other good products. I thought I didn’t need Monat. And then someone I knew in real life took the leap and started using Monat. I … More

Monat – Ditched & Switched

In September of 2020 I signed up as a VIP customer with Monat, after months of observing a friends results from afar (aka stalking her on Instagram). I doubted the products could work as well as photos shown, I finally signed up as VIP for a discount and to avoid shipping costs – after all … More


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