January Favorites

A few of my favorite things from January…

One of my goals for this year is to eat healthier and increase my water intake. Then Kwik Trip went and got a frappe machine, and it’s so good especially on Monday morning for a little extra boost.

Summer had “school” pictures this past month and he had nothing in his closet to wear, imagine that! I found this adorable Jumping Beans flannel at Kohl’s. I love the colors and the fabric is so soft, it makes a great layering piece as well. It’s on clearance now!

I have this Bralette in two colors from Lizard Thicket Mesa, my cousin Sarah’s boutique. The lace and thin straps are so feminine, and my favorite part…it’s padded! This is a daily go to because it’s comfortable and pretty. It also has great coverage if a little one decides to yank on your top, please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to regularly.

As I always have a few fashion favorites I’d also like to share with you my favorite detergent, exciting I know. Norwex laundry soap is such a great product. While the initial cost may seem expensive the long term cost is not. There are no added fillers, no harsh chemicals, no skin reactions for those of us with sensitive skin and no strong scent. Having no scent was weird at first but after using this product for years now I prefer to have no scent. I’ve also noticed how nice my clothes stay as they aren’t being washed in harsh chemicals. My friend Tiffany is beyond knowledgeable with Norwex (and tons of other natural things), she’s a consultant and can get you started on a healthier home.

The weather in January didn’t make going out and about very easy but Sumner and I did find our way into an actual brick & mortar Stride Rite store for the first time, Schmitt’s Stride Rite in Rochester. While it pained me to pay full price, the customer service was excellent and will keep us coming back.

Lastly, if you haven’t read Girl, wash your face do yourself a favor and read it soon. This book was such an easy read, I finished it in under a week which is now a miracle for me as a working mom.

“Have you ever believed that you aren’t good enough? That you’re not thin enough? That you’re unlovable? That you’re a bad mom? Have you ever believed that you deserve to be treated badly? That you’ll never amount to anything? All lies.”

-Rachel Hollis

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