Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup

While I enjoy doing full face makeup, it really isn’t practical when I’m trying to get out of the house on a workday with a toddler. The best way to get my makeup done quickly is to do it before Sumner wakes up, while that isn’t always an option – here’s my daily makeup routine.

I start with Josie Maran foundation using a damp beauty sponge to apply, my favorite part about using a beauty sponge to apply is the sponge will take on any extra foundation if you have too much so you won’t look cakey. Cakey foundation is a huge fear after seeing it happen in high school. I use Beautycounter concealer pen under my eyes. TIP: Apply concealer in the shape of an upside down triangle bringing the tip of the triangle down to about the tip of your nose.

After applying foundation, I fill in my brows with a Beautycounter brow pencil in medium. TIP: Let your foundation dry a bit so take a moment to get dressed, do your hair, or brush your teeth.  Then I set my foundation with Beautycounter mattifying powder. I never skip setting my foundation! Setting gives your foundation so much more staying power and helps it last all day. 

Next I go in with Beautycounter bronzer. TIP: To save a few seconds and an extra product you can also use bronzer as your eyeshadow. While I will do this on occasion I prefer to use actual eyeshadow, Naked2 pallet shades Bootycall and YDK to be exact. I take Bootycall all over my lid up, up to my lash line, and slightly in to inner corners then I layer YDK over the lid.

I finish with curling my lashes (this step is important don’t skip it!) and applying Younique Moodstuck Epic mascara.

Beautycounter products are new to me as I’ve began to make the switch to using clean beauty products. The products I’ve mentioned here are all ones I’ve been happy with! Josie Maran foundation is also considered a clean beauty product. If you’re curious how clean your beauty products are check out EWG – Skin Deep. If you are interested in making the switch to clean beauty Sephora now a has a clean section and Beautycouter products are all considered clean beauty. I seriously recommend checking out both of these to learn more about why you should care about the ingredients in your beauty products. 

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