February favorites

February was a long month with a snow storm at every turn. I’m glad spring appears to be on its way!

A few of my favorite things from February:

  • Scrunchis from Modish – This scrunchi is my new go to when I’m on day 3+ hair. And it’s available locally!
  • Oshkosh Chambray Shirt – I have a thing for chambray, and this shirt was too cute to pass up; especially when it perfectly matched a shirt I have. There are only going to be so many times I’ll be able to get the little man to match mama so I’m taking advantage of it now.
  • Jenna Ayers at Dacia’s on Main – This girl, well lady, is seriously amazing and super sweet. One of my favorite things about Jenna is how realistic she is about what is possible with your hair. I’ll show her a picture I found on Pinterest, which is probably every stylist worst nightmare, and she’ll tell me what we can do with it. If you’re in the market for a hairdresser give Dacia’s a call and get yourself set up with Jenna.
  • Alacia Adrienne Photography – Alacia is wonderful. She did our family pictures over the summer and my sisters senior pictures. I was so happy with them we decided to have her take a few more for business use. As expected they turned out great and are super authentic with no forced smiles or completely awkward poses that make you feel like the session was a total waste. A couple of my favorites are below. 
  • Magpie Coffeehouse – This cafe is a local favorite of mine. I love how friendly the staff is and how fresh the food is. My favorites are a White Zombie & the Phelps Park wrap. 
  • Loving Tan 2 HR Express Mousse Dark – With winter dragging on and no vacation in site I was led back to self-tanner. Loving Tan is an old favorite and remains my top pick. It has an olive base and is easy to apply complete with a color guard so you can see where you are applying. Check out this Jaclyn Hill tutorial before application. I’ve purchased directly from Loving Tan but recommend ordering from Ulta because they will let you use a coupon.


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