Busy Baby Mat

Recently my sister-in-law shared the Busy Baby Mat on her Instagram as she has been working with the creator. As soon as I checked out Busy Baby’s Instagram, I knew I needed to give it a try!

The product itself is a great idea, a play mat with up to four tethers to attach to toys so they don’t end up on the floor, the mat can also be colored on with dry erase markers. Toys ending up on the floor is one of the most stressful parts of taking Sumner out and about because once the toy ends up on the floor you’ve got to stash them away because of germs. It doesn’t take long to run out of toys with a toddler.

Our first outing with the mat was to Panera after a busy morning of prom dress shopping. The play mat stuck to the table well and did keep Sumner busy for a short time. Given the nature of the material, hair and lint does attract to the mat. My first time using the mat wasn’t perfect as I had prepped the mat with toys attached, then stuffed it in our diaper bag not using the case it comes with. This led to lots of blanket lint and random hairs being on the mat when I pulled it out – gross, I know.

The second time we took the mat along I used the case and assembled tethers and toys at the restaurant, this worked much better! The mat can also be used for eating off of because the creator chose not to add a non-cling chemical to the mat. The Busy Baby Mat is made of 100% FDA approved food grade silicone. 

I would recommend buying this mat sooner than later because at 18 months Sumner knows toys aren’t typically attached to a tether, so he does try to pull them off occasionally. However, he also asks for them to be attached so I think he’s figuring it out. This mat will be a staple in our diaper bag. I’m excited to let him try dry erase markers on it but that will have to wait until I can trust him not to eat them. Order yours today at Busy Baby Mat


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