March favorites

Happy Spring! Here’s a few of my favorite things from the last month.

  • AE Jeggings – These jeggings are amazingly soft and keep their shape. Bonus: there are several of high rise options.
  • Adourn – This local shop has always been adorable and even more so now with its recent remodeling. The shop has tons of great stuff from furniture to candles and jewelry. When I stopped last month I left with bath salts, lavender linen spray, perfume (all made by the very talented owner) and hand blown wine glasses.
  • Cloth Napkins – We are trying to be less wasteful and save money in the long run. Check out Creekside Kid on Etsy for lots of cute designs. These cloth napkins are well made and soft. I purchased the 8×8 size thinking that would be large enough while it’s okay if I purchased again I’d go with 12×12. 
  • Farmhouse Eatery – This is such a yummy place to eat in Caledonia. I love their simple menu with daily specials and desserts, which you can find daily on Facebook. 
  • Freeletics App – At the beginning of the year I told myself I was going to be healthier, while I haven’t done a great job because I love food and eating out, I did start regularly working out about 6 weeks ago. I spent $42 on the Freeletics app for a 6 month subscription. Way cheaper than a gym membership and I can do all my workouts at home without any equipment. The workouts I have set up are anywhere from 18-30 minutes, totally doable even with a little helper.
  • Girl, stop apologizing – I can’t help myself I’ve become a Rachel Hollis groupie. I read her second book this month and listen to her podcast almost everyday. She is such a motivating woman!



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