April Favorites

I am so excited spring is truly here! We’ve taken in every bit of sunshine possible this past month; it’s amazing what a difference it makes to soak up some sun and take in fresh air.

A few of my favorite things from April:

  • After supper walks and the park have been our favorite past times throughout April.
  • BReaKeRs: We have been frequenting the new cafe in town quite often. Their Bridgeman’s ice cream is delicious and I’m caught between and sandwich #3 and #4 as my favorite right now. I like the little kick of the pepperjack cheese and 3 chili mayo on the #3 Bronco BLT and I love the cranberry wild rice bread on the #4; and of course avocado on both!
  • Blue light glasses from Amazon: Truly a need if you spend a lot of time on the computer, tablet, or phone. They block the blue light from screens that lead your eyes to feeling tired.
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! Seriously if you have not switched do it now. I started hearing about this concealer a couple years ago but never bought into the fact that it could be as amazing as everyone claimed. I should have bought into the hype a longggg time ago.
  • I found this perfume at Adourn in Chatfield a couple months ago and I have been loving it. Melissa makes the perfume herself and has several scents available, I have white peony & vanilla. It’s so nice to use perfume and not feel like I’m putting a million chemicals on my body.


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