Girl, clean your makeup brushes

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? I used to do this religiously then along came Sumner and well I honestly don’t remember when I last cleaned mine.

The good news is you don’t need a fancy cleanser to clean your brushes! Simply use a gentle baby wash, for the last ten years I’ve used Johnson & Johnson baby wash to clean my makeup brushes. This was a tip given to me by a consultant at Ulta and it’s saved me tons of money. I’ve never bought a true brush cleaner marketed by the beauty industry. A few of my favorite brushes are 10 years old and still like new.

To get started fill a clean sink half full of lukewarm water, as the water fills add baby wash into the basin, about a tablespoon. Do NOT put soap directly on your brushes.

Gently swirl your brushes around to saturate them then rub them against your palm to agitate and remove built up makeup. Rinse with clean water.

I like brush them out on a clean hand towel to remove excess water so the brushes dry faster. Let your brushes sit overnight and they will feel like new in the morning! Note: It usually takes 12 hours or so for brushes to fully dry.

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