How to help a friend who has had a premature baby.

We all know someone who has had a premature baby. After having one myself it always tugs a little bit extra at my heart when I see someone else had one and I want to help. Here’s a few ways you can help someone who has had a preemie and is having a hospital stay, mind you some of these are helpful even once they are home.

1. Bring home cooked food. My sister-in-law did this (among many other things) and it’s one thing I will never forget, it tasted amazing to eat home cooked food while we had been eating our every meal.

2. Use the hand sanitizer. New parents in general are freaked out about all the germs you’re bringing in so do us a favor and use the freaking hand sanitizer. Frankly, maybe you shouldn’t touch the baby at all depending on the situation.

3. Offer to stay with the baby while the new parents go take in some fresh air. The nurses are wonderful but it’s comforting to have someone you know stay with your baby while you go for a walk or grab a quick bite to eat.

4. Take the new parents out to eat but know that going out to eat isn’t always easy and refreshing. Getting out of the hospital is nice but also stressful. If the new mom is anything like me she has a pretty scheduled day for when she needs to pump and feed the baby and drink a million gallons of water, so be mindful and choose a restaurant that is close by.

5. Offer to bring items from their home. We left in a hurry not really knowing we’d actually be having a baby that day. As organized as I like to be my hospital bag was not packed and we had an unplanned extended stay. Thank god for my mother-in-law, who consistently brought us stuff.

6. Keep their home maintained, mow the lawn or plow the snow. These things are necessary but also the last thing the new parents want to worry about.

7. Tidy their house. Likely the new parents were not expecting to go into labor at this time so there may be dishes in the sink or clothes in the wash. Nobody wants to go home to a house in disarray.

8. Buy outfits similar to the one I have shown below, Target for the win. This outfit is perfect for running cords in and out of because it has Velcro “buttons” all the way down and it doesn’t have feet so the oxygen monitor can easily be in place.

9. Let the new parents rest. If you go to visit and notice one or both parents sleeping for the love of God do NOT wake them, any sleep is precious.

10. Don’t be offended if the new parents forget to respond when you reached out. It’s great to hear from people and know they are wishing you the best. However, your text may have came as the doctor was making rounds or the baby was screaming.

Happy helping.


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