Habit tracking

I recently printed this 90 day habit tracker and it’s been eye opening. Honestly when I printed it I thought no big deal this will be easy I already do most of this, um no Kelsey you do not ha! Check out Rachel Hollis Five to Thrive to see what this is all about.

HYDRATE: A few years ago I started drinking water, literally started as in my first 25 years of life I never drank water. After listening to Plan Podcast on hydration it’s clear I’ve been chronically dehydrated for a basically ever. I’ve been consciously trying to drink half my body weight in ounces of water. I thought I was doing great until I started this 90 day habit tracker, then I realized I’ve got a ways to go.

MOVE YOUR BODY: I started running prior to our accident then had to take a break. I felt I was running often and I’m happy with my progress but I was again shocked by how many days I don not intentionally move for 30. Again, lesson learned tracking is eye opening.

WAKE UP EARLIER: Waking up early was something I could fill in most days because I’ve always been a morning person, as long as Sumner doesn’t keep me up all night long.

ELIMINATE FOOD: Cutting one category of food seemed literally impossible so I opted to cut out chips, it seemed like a logical choice as chips have no nutritional value. I cannot believe how hard this was, I knew I loved chips but didn’t realize how often I actually ate them!

GRATITUDE: The easiest part of this Five to Thrive was doing the daily gratitudes, I do this as part of my morning routine first thing when I wake up in my Start Today Journal. While I like having the journal it’s honestly totally unnecessary and a $5 notebook from Tjmaxx will serve the same purpose.

Lesson learned from habit tracking: I’m actually not doing “all the things” and that’s why I’m not seeing the results I want. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, putting in the work, and not seeing results I challenge you to use the habit tracker to see how committed you are.

Happy tracking 🙂


P.S. My tracker was destroyed by a tiny human but using it for 6 weeks was enough to help me see where I was going wrong and now I’ve printed a new one!

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