August Favorites

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared my favorite things, like not since May. I have about a hundred excuses as to why I haven’t done this post monthly as I had been but the reality is I simply chose not to make time for it over the summer. Summer is my favorite season; I spend as much time away from screens as I can. Here are a few of my favorite things from the summer.

  • Outdoor time. I love soaking in the sunshine and taking in fresh air. I do not look forward to the coming cold month where we hibernate indoors because it hurts my skin to go outside.

  • BReaKeRs. I’ve eaten an insane amount of ice cream this summer, and way too many sandwiches but I truly cannot resist. The only positive thing about the coming cold weather is I won’t want to eat as much ice cream.

  • Manicured Nails. I prefer having powder dip or acrylic nails. I have had my nails painted daily for over ten years, with a small break while Sumner was an infant because well nail polish chips don’t belong in his formula and there was no time to go to a salon. I cannot go without polish so having a powder dip or acrylic makes my life easier and saves me time.

  • Modish. I love this boutique in Decorah. If you aren’t going there you are missing out. They have super cute clothes, affordable prices, and the BEST customer service. When they ask what you are looking for you actually want to tell them if you have something specific in mind because there are some pretty amazing pieces that make their way from the back room.

  • Melissa and Doug Food Cutting Toy. This toy was money well spent, which is something I can rarely say for most toys. Sumner loves being in the kitchen to help cook, this toy is perfect for letting him feel like he’s part of the kitchen. It’s great for working on fine motor skills too. Buy yours locally at Harmony Gardens & Floral. They have tons of Melissa & Doug toys, including other kitchen options.
    Golf cart rides. I don’t even want to know how many miles we put on my parents golf cart this summer! Sumner loves going for rides around town and taking random things to the compost dump.


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