New year, new you? No thanks

New year, new you? Sorry not sorry, I hate this saying. Do you need new you? I doubt it. Could you do better? Probably. How about “new year, better you, every day”?

As a self-improvement book junky, I love reading books that help me do life better or coach me. One of my favorite take aways over a long list of books is “you’re only competing with the person you were yesterday.” That’s why I love the saying “new year, better you, every day”.

I think most of the change we want to see in ourselves are things that take time and dedication. You want to be in better shape? That takes months, maybe years; I’m 18 months deep in this change. You want to be kinder? There will forever be moments you can find more kindness. You want to make better choices with your money? That may be a lifetime of learning and adjusting. You want to get organized? That’s a practice you have to maintain. You want to spend more time with friends and family? You have to be intentional to set those dates.

Rather than setting myself up for a new year, new me I’ll be focusing on small changes and setting intentions daily to do better than I did yesterday.

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