I thought it was a lie…

I thought the results people were having from using Monat were a lie. I thought these were people not showing their real before pictures. I thought there were plenty of other good products. I thought I didn’t need Monat.

And then someone I knew in real life took the leap and started using Monat. I knew her results were real because I knew the woman I saw in the before pictures. This is when I became curious, when I started reaching out and asking questions, when I would fill my cart to sign up as a VIP only to exit out.

Then one day I decided, that’s enough, after all the results I’ve seen and questions I’ve asked I at least owe it to this woman and myself to TRY Monat. After all, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee so I really had nothing to loose. So I did it, I signed up as a VIP and started. I told no one, I didn’t want anyone to think I was nuts if my results weren’t there.

And then…the results showed up in a big way. The products were as amazing as so many women had been saying, they did produce real results, and the ingredients were healthy for my hair. I was in love. Next thing I knew I signed up as a Marker Partner.

If you’re doubting Monat, I get it. But take a moment to look at my real results. In areas I didn’t even realize I was thinning. I’ve always struggled to grow my hair past my shoulders but I thought I just had bad hair. Turns out the products I was using weren’t the best fit for my hair. And that’s where Monat came in and took the spotlight.

The photo on the left is from February 2021. The photo on the right is December 2020. Look at 2 months of growth behind my ear!
I didn’t even know I was thinning, I thought it was my hairline. The photo on the left is from December 2020 and the right is at the end of January 2021.

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