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Cheesy Scalloped potatoes & ham

It came to my attention that some people don’t actually use a recipe for scalloped potatoes and ham but I’m the kind of person who needs a recipe for almost everything. So if you’re looking to mix it up a bit, here is the recipe you might want to try. This is comfort food at […]

Spaghetti Bread

Alright this is a pretty sophisticated recipe…kidding I am totally kidding. This here is beginner level and a great way to mix it up when you are tired of your go to meals.   1. Buy a french loaf (my favorite is the whole wheat one from Walmart). 2. Slice loan into pieces. 3. Lightly butter. […]

Pasta recipes you’ll want to make ASAP

Does anyone else pin a million recipes on Pinterest then only try a few? I’m so guilty of this because some require too many ingredients or more prep work than I’m willing to do. I went through my Pinterest “bites to eat” board and picked out my favorite (read made over and over again) pasta […]

Stop Wasting Food & Money!

Do you struggle to think of a meals daily? Is finding time to cook a stretch for you? Are you stopping at the grocery store multiple times a week? If you find yourself answering yes to these questions it’s time to start meal planning! Planning our meals has made our life SO much easier and […]

About Me

Hi! I’m Kelsey, live for small town life and helping people. I’m literally obsessed with shopping small, if there’s a product you’re after but not sure where to get it – I’m your girl! I can tell you what small business in a 30 mile radius of my hometown of Harmony MN has the best of what. My go to recipes are always going to be comfort food and typically nothing too fancy. So if you need some easy & delicious meals hang out for a hot minute!

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