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Here’s a bit about us and a few of my favorite resources for raising littles.

Mid 2021 we decided buying the local Carwash would be a great idea, we love our community and are thrilled to be business owners. Small business is the best business.

Janet Lansbury is our go to to learn about parenting and finding advice. Janet Lansbury teaches about raising littles and does so much to help you understand your child and parent in a beneficial way. Here’s her website. You honestly need both books and to subscribe to her podcast, it’s literally life changing. “With the knowledge that their parents will always help them handle the behaviors they can’t handle themselves, children feel safe to struggle, make mistakes, grow, and learn with confidence.” -Janet Lansbury

We love to be on our family farm. The farm is our favorite place, in fact we sold our home in 2020 to pursue finding our own slice of dirt, and now it’s 2022 and the market is still wild and short of inventory. Yet I hold faith we made the best decision for our family and the right place will come along.

“If you want my two cents on making a dollar count…

Buy dirt
Find the one you can’t live without
Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground
Do what you love but call it work
And throw a little money in the plate at church
Send your prayers up and your roots down deep
Add a few limbs to your family tree
And watch their pencil marks
And the grass in the yard all grow up”

Jordan Davis “Buy dirt”
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